Snowman Color Fun!

Snowman Color Fun

It’s that time of the year where the cold winds blow and winter is in full swing. Kids love playing in the snow and they love when school is cancelled due to inclement weather.
We can all agree that the number one reason kids love winter so much is because they get to make snowmen everywhere they go. One in your back yard, one in the school yard, one on the way to their friend’s place … it’s impossible to stop a child’s creativity during the snowy season! The downside of winter are, of course, the short days, and too cold to go outside.

The weather outside may be frightful, but we’ve come up with some fun activities to do during a cold winters day. The Adventures of Scuba Jack has lots of fun activities for kids. Just download our crafts directly from our website for hours of fun participating in engaging, wintery activities.

Snowman Color Matching (Color Matching Worksheet)

Ms. Beth

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