Snowman Letter Matching Activity Worksheet

Snowman Alphabet Matching Worksheet

Alphabetic Recognition

Alphabetic recognition is sometimes called letter recognition or letter identification, but all three terms have the same meaning. They refer to the ability to visually recognize letters of the alphabet. This includes the ability to name each letter and match that letter name with its written form, both upper and lower case, and in both manuscript and cursive. Alphabet recognition also includes the ability to distinguish between similar looking letters, like C/G, M/W, d/b and p/q.

Letter recognition is important because it enables beginning readers to figure out how printed text is associated with the spoken language. Having a mastery of letter names can make learning letter sounds easier for young readers. The sounds of many letter names are closely related to the sound the letter sounds. For example, say “d” and you will hear the /d/ sound. Say “m” and you will hear the /m/ sound. Many letters of the alphabet follow this, so even while focusing on letter recognition, children are also being exposed to and learning letter sound. This is why alphabetic recognition is one of the very first skills children learn while they are beginning readers. It comes before phonemic awareness and decoding.

snowman letter matching
Here is a fun Snowman Craft for kids that brings the outdoors in! This fun alphabet matching activity worksheet will help with “Alphabet Recognition”

Have Fun!

Ms. Beth

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