String Painting!


String Painting! Take some yarn and saturate with paint!  Now in an up and down motion let the string fall as it may.

Voila a beautiful picture!  Very soothing craft that children enjoy doing!!!!

String Painting Is An Art

String painting is an art encouraging kids to create something with a different type of media, and to experiment and play with lines, shapes and designs. Through painting, kids express their creativity and they have fun. Painting is a skill that gives the stimulus the kids require to achieve success in every aspect of life.
Painting makes the kids learn to think open mindedly and to look creatively at the situations.

They express themselves in depth through string painting and their words. The lessons they learn through painting are then applied to new situations. It helps them in developing critical thinking skills and they become good at decision making. They have fun in splashing paint across the canvas. It is a pastime when kids participate constructively and enjoy it. They get immeasurable happiness when they see people’s reaction on looking at their art. When you teach your kids, string painting, you are actually opening them up to a beautiful world of artistic expression.

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