Summer Chores and a Whiny 11 year Old

Summer in our household will officially arrive June 20th.
Anyway, I am determined to be more organized in the area of summer activities, chores, and media time with my kids. I’ve been pretty organized before, but I’ve noticed some problems and I wanted to tweak my plans again. That’s the beauty of keeping schedules, you learn to be flexible when it’s just not quite right. As they grow, so must your flexibility!

Here is a chore list that I found to help my son be more organized without a lot of stress and arguing!  It’s tough in the summer to maintain any kind of schedule or normalcy because I work from home and my son doesn’t have to rush to be anywhere!  I am pre-occupied and he gets away with murder.

I am convinced this summer will be our best ever and hopefully we will develop a pace that is conducive to all.

I hope this helps your family.  I will let you know how I do!



Beth Costanzo, M Ed.

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