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Halloween Jack O’Lantern Craft

Halloween Jack O’Lantern Craft Make a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern! Color and cut out the shapes and witch hat on this page and the next. Glue the triangles onto the circle to make eyes, a nose and mouth. Glue the witch hat onto the Jack-O-Lantern. Happy Halloween! Ms. Beth

Halloween Beginning Letters Worksheets

Beginning Letters Circle the correct beginning letter and then write it on the line In this early reading worksheet, chilrend will practice identifying the letters and sounds that come at the start of these fun Halloween words. In this early reading worksheet, children will fill in the missing beginning letter of each word, next to […]

Halloween Counting Worksheet

Halloween Counting Worksheet Teaching about Numbers and Counting Many children enter preschool with some knowledge of numbers and counting. They can count five to ten objects accurately and can also read some numbers. But many other children have not developed this knowledge. These children in particular need many opportunities to learn the words for […]

Halloween Ghost Counting

Halloween Number Practice Preschool With preschoolers, make every day activities and events a counting exercise, the best way to learn is when you don’t even realize you’re learning something at all. Whatever you are doing there is something to be counting, at dinner “how many people are eating; one, two, three, four, etc. So, […]

Halloween Counting Practice Pre-K

                       Happy Halloween                 Counting Practice Pre-K It’s no secret…….I love Halloween!  It is important for kids to learn about numbers and counting.  Here is a fun counting Activity Sheet that will help children to learn to […]