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Teach Your Child To Read!

The process of reading or decoding letters into communicable words is the very essence of education. Without reading and comprehending words, all other advanced learning is either non-existent or extremely difficult. Therefore, making sure your children learn this skill at a young age should be a top priority for parents. Parents who love to read […]

Reading is the Key to All Academic Success!

Reading is key to all academic success. Let me repeat this! Reading is key to all academic success! It can either set a solid foundation for all future success, or if not mastered at an early age, can cause frustration and anxiety in a child. It is our goal to help children everywhere become confident […]

Learning the Alphabet! This Isn’t Childs Play!

Learning the Alphabet     Before embarking on the journey with a young child to decode symbols into words with sounds that actually begin the reading process, it is crucial that they recognize the symbols (letters).  Knowing the alphabet and the sounds letters make is the key to reading.   It’s time for parents How […]

The Importance of Early Reading!

The Importance of Early Reading! Early Learning in the 20th Century Learning begins at birth! Early literacy starts with parents and other caregivers that begin preparing a child to read from the day he/she is born. When parents and caregivers talk to a child, they are beginning that child on the road to reading. Having […]