The Importance of Early Reading!

The Importance of Early Reading! Early Learning in the 20th Century
Learning begins at birth! Early literacy starts with parents and other caregivers that begin preparing a child to read from the day he/she is born. When parents and caregivers talk to a child, they are beginning that child on the road to reading. Having parents talk to a baby allows the infants brain to incorporate those vocal sounds and expands the baby’s knowledge and skills. Getting children to read begins before formal education begins. Also, excellent “Educational Habits” must begin in the early years. Children benefit immensely from receiving some type of early learning during the early years of development. Research shows that there are long term educational benefits that can occur if a strong educational foundation takes place early in a child’s life. This early learning can come from many different places and many different people.

Relationship of Parents And Children

Child development and brain research have shown compelling evidence that relationships and experience in the first 5 years of life shape development in significant ways. Parents are their child’s first formal teachers. The parent child relationship is the most essential factor in a child’s healthy development. Children, who are educating by their parents during their early years, experience the same benefits as children enrolled in preschool programs. This special attention can only improve their skills and prepare them for their future Kindergarten environment. Parents deciding to educate their young children themselves should utilize creative ideas and activities when educating them.


Begin reading to your child early. Studies have shown the many benefits of early literacy development, benefits that last through childhood and beyond. Even the youngest babies will gradually come to associate books with the warmth of being held by you and the soothing sound of your voice. By establishing a daily, enjoyable reading time, you are creating a foundation for a successful reader. This Pre-Reading routine provides the foundation for all other skills that will be learned throughout life. These early reading skills develop a larger vocabulary; creates a longer attention span; enhances critical thinking skills; enhances memory and concentration; establishes healthy and emotional development; and a sense of closeness and intimacy between child and parent.

Furthermore, these suggestions will help to get a child to read more proficiently and at an early age. Children will learn to love reading if they are given a good foundation that helps develop early literacy skills and solid reading comprehension.

Early Learning

Early learning improves Pre-Reading, Math Skills, Number Concepts, Shapes, Classification, Vocabulary development and writing skills. Also, it helps young children make a smooth transition to Kindergarten as they gain a strong educational foundation. However there is not a one size fits all instruction best suited for all children. In most cases, children benefit most by receiving educational instruction from their parents.

The National Institute for Early Education states that high quality preschool learning provides a foundation that helps children attain higher achievement in the future. It is more likely to lower grade retention, lower rates of SPED, and provides higher attainment overall school success. If a child has a strong educational foundation, he/she is more likely to graduate high school, attend college, have fewer behavioral problems, and doesn’t become involved in crime in their adolescent and young adult years.


The process of early reading to a child will help him or her with reading comprehension later. Also, they can teach a child to recognize letters, numbers, colors, and shapes too. All of these skills are predictors of children who are successful in developing reading comprehension and the promotion of early literacy.

Moreover, any activity that helps in the development of a child’s memory will also help them with all forms of learning, especially in early reading. The ability to retell a story is also associated with reading comprehension and literacy. Parents can have children retell a family trip, how to make cookies, or there adventure at the park.  Parents can help with, “What happened next?”

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