Tom Brady: A Winner On and Off The Field

Football is a game full of some of the world’s fastest and strongest athletes. All of them work very hard to score more points than the other team. While many people play football, the best and strongest football athletes are part of the National Football League (NFL for short). In fact, your city may have a team in the NFL.


The NFL has lots of terrific football players. But there is one playing right now that could be one of the greatest who ever played the game. His name? Tom Brady and he plays for the New England Patriots.


Tom is the quarterback of the Patriots. Since he became an NFL quarterback in the year 2000, Tom has won six Super Bowls (the Super Bowl is each year’s championship game). No one has won more Super Bowls than Tom.


So while Tom has been a winner throughout his football career, he is also a winner off the football field. Tom has many of the qualities that we can look up to. Because of this, it is helpful to stop and think about what makes Tom so special.


Going After Greatness


If you were to ask lots of people why Tom Brady is so successful, I think that many of them would say that it comes down to hard work and determination. Tom isn’t the fastest or strongest athlete in the NFL. If you were to look at him walking down the street, you would notice his height more than his muscles.


Ultimately, Tom is so great because he is mentally strong. He is committed to becoming the best football player he can be. This is true even after he has become one of the top winners in NFL history. Tom goes to practice early and is one of the last players to leave. He understands that there is so much to learn about the sport he loves, and he wants to learn something new every single day.


This is something that we can all learn from Tom. Even though we may not be the fastest, strongest, or most intelligent, what we can control is our work ethic. No matter what our goals are, hard work can help us accomplish them. We just need to stay committed and determined—especially if we face some obstacles on the way.


One great example of this is when Tom started his NFL career. To enter the NFL, players are chosen by each team in a process called the NFL Draft. Players chosen at the beginning are seen as “better” than those who are chosen at the end. Even though Tom was a great quarterback in college, he was chosen toward the end of the draft. This made Tom sad. He felt like many NFL teams didn’t see the talent that he had. But instead of the news keeping him down, Tom worked hard—incredibly hard. He worked on becoming a better quarterback for his team. When the opportunity arrived, Tom was prepared to take it. He never let go, as he has been the Patriots quarterback for almost 20 years now.


But Tom doesn’t just rely on hard work and commitment on the football field. He is also determined to make the world a better place. With his time and money, Tom supports many different types of charities, including Best Buddies International, the Boys and Girls Club of America, and KaBOOM!, which is focused on building creative play spaces for kids. He also makes the world a better place through an organization he started called the TB12 Foundation. This organization helps educate and inspire athletes, both on and off the field. Basically, even though Tom is very busy preparing for his football games, he uses his free time to give back to people who need it the most.


What does all of this mean? We should follow Tom’s lead and think about other people than ourselves. It is all too easy to focus on what we want. But Tom is different. He is kind, thoughtful, and generous. We can do the same thing, even if we are not starting our own organizations or foundations. When you see a friend or someone else who is being bullied or put down, you should help that person. Be a friend when they really need one. Even if some of your other friends make fun of you for doing it, you should be brave and stand for what is right. While it may be hard in the short-term, you will be creating habits that will help you throughout the rest of your life.


When looking at Tom Brady’s career, it is also easy to admire how humble he is. Even though it would be easy to do so, he doesn’t brag about what he has accomplished. Instead, he chooses his words carefully. He stays humble and hungry while recognizing that there is more for him to accomplish. In fact, a lot of the time, he praises and compliments his teammates, as he recognizes that football is not an individual sport.


We should adopt the same viewpoint when we are at school or at home. Even if you feel really proud about doing well on a test or performing well in your favorite sport, stay humble and hungry. Don’t feel the need to brag about your accomplishments, even if that will make you feel good. Once again, by doing this, you start to build good habits and behaviors that will serve you well as you get older. Even though it’s hard to see the benefit, trust me on this one.


Following The Lead of a Terrific NFL Quarterback


One of Tom Brady’s nicknames is “Tom Terrific.” He got that nickname by being one of the greatest ever NFL players, but it also is a good way to describe him off the field. Tom uses the limited time he has to be kind to others while giving back. Even though we may not be superstar NFL quarterbacks ourselves, we can do the same things in our lives. By following Tom’s lead, we can make a true difference.


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