Tug Of War

My daughter and I have recently enjoyed playing a two-person game of Tug Of War. I tied a knot at each end of a long thin blanket to make it easier to hold on to. We sit facing each other on the floor, feet touching, and pull on our end of the knot. It’s simple fun and makes us both laugh.

It’s really fun to line up the kids and begin the craziness as they compete with you to be more strong. Kids needs to be physically active because it helps them I a lot of ways. It improves their concentration, posture, behavior, sleep and decreases the possibilities of becoming overweight which can generate serious health issues in their future life. Tug of war is the ultimate kids party game and an excellent activity for kids keeping them laughing and active. This is really an important exercise which cannot be performed alone. It tells that we can solve any problem by interacting with one another.


Evenly split the kids and adults on the sides of rope.
Mark a middle spot on the ground. Tell the aim of the team to pull the other so that it strikes the marked spot.
Begin by yelling “go” and all of them will start pulling as much as they can till the time one hits the ground marking the spot.

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