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Our planet is filled with amazing animals and cool critters. Take the ocean, for example. There are so many things to “see” in the “sea” – creatures of all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of different, fascinating behaviors. Check out some facts about some ocean animals you may be familiar with – and others you may have never even heard of!

Oh, Octopus!

What sea creature has a soft body, eight arms and lives on the ocean floor? An octopus, of course! While octopuses are best known for their multiple arms, it’s what they can do with their eight limbs that’s totally weird. Octopuses can actually taste their food with the suction cups that dot each of their arms. Plus, they can detach an arm on purpose! Why? Because after it detaches it still wiggles, which attracts predators while the octopus makes a quick getaway!


Not Just Jelly

What animal’s head is so full of jelly, there’s no room left for a brain? A jellyfish! Jellyfish are one of the oldest living creatures on earth, dating back over 650 million years. The “jelly” in a jellyfish is a thick, elastic substance that gives this sea animal it shape and name.


More fun jellyfish facts:

  1. Jellyfish are dangerous because they release poison from their tentacles that “stings” – in fact, more than just painful, the box jellyfish‘s sting may just be the most poisonous on earth!
  2. A jellyfish’s transparent body helps it hide from its predators, making it virtually invisible.
  3. The lion mane jellyfish can grow to be over 120 feet (37 meters) long!


Super Squid

The vampire squid is actually more closely related to an octopus than a squid. Living in the deep sea, this squid is famous for its huge eyes, which are about as large as human eyes. In fact, they have the largest eye-to-body ratio of any animal in the world – their eyes alone make up about 10% of their 12-inch bodies! If humans had eyes of those proportions, they’d have to be as large as our faces!



More stupendous squid facts:

  1. Vampire squids need their giant eyes because they live more than 3,000 feet below the ocean surface – a place that’s darker than you can imagine!
  2. When squids see a predator, they distract it by releasing a cloud of sticky mucus full of glowing blue balls.
  3. The ideal water temperature for the vampire squid is a chilly 35 degrees Fahrenheit – brrrr!



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