Watch Scuba Jack’s Coastline Critters Via Youtube That Teaches About the Beach.

New England is home to a wide variety beach area marine life. Some of the most common animals found on New England beaches are horseshoe crabs, skates (stingrays), jellyfish and harbor seals. Some migrate each year. For example, the skate, horseshoe crab and jellyfish are all summer residents and leave by early fall. Harbor seals, live in here all year long. Saltwater gamefish such as bluefish and striped bass come to North Atlantic shorelines during warmer weather. Walking on any of New England’s pristine beaches, you can encounter piping plovers, terns, gulls, eiders and cormorants. The most popular visitors are just offshore: pilot, finback, humpback & Minke Whales.

New England waters are home to several species of elasmobranchs – or sharks, rays, and skates. Among the sharks most commonly seen in New England waters are spiny dogfish and blue sharks. Other less frequently encountered sharks are the Porbeagle, Mako and basking sharks.

And, although there are several types of rays in New England’s ocean, they are often much harder to observe than the sharks. Mostly camouflaged on sandy bottoms, they frequently go unnoticed. Sometimes, only their eyes will peek up above the layer of sand under which they usually hide. Generally inactive during the day, they are more frequently seen at night when they hunt.

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