What Lives In The Ocean? Colored Version and Black and White Download

The Atlantic Ocean is comprised of saltwater and is quite warm when compared with other oceans, providing ideal conditions for a host of diverse animal species. As the Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest ocean in the world, covering approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s surface, it is able to support a multitude of animals as their habitat.

Many sea mammals, such as whales, dolphins and seals, migrate to and from the Atlantic Ocean each year. During the summer months, these species travel to colder waters to find rich feeding grounds and to build up their bodily stores of fat for the coming winter. They return from the colder Polar regions to the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the winter months in order to mate and rear their young.

Here is an ocean book to do with your kids or in a classroom.

Colored version

Download Booklet Here



Black and White Version


Download Booklet Here


ocean bw

Have Fun!


Beth Costanzo

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