Why Cam Newton is a Real-Life Superman

Why Cam Newton is a Real-Life Superman


The NFL (which stands for the National Football League) is full of some of the world’s most talented athletes. Every Sunday, we gather around the TV to watch these athletes battle it out on the football field. It can be extremely exciting—especially if the team that we love is winning.

There are so many special athletes in the NFL, but one that we want to discuss today plays for the Carolina Panthers. Moreover, he is a quarterback, meaning that he has a tremendous amount of responsibility to lead his team to victory.

His name is Cam Newton.


Cam is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today. He can throw the ball all over the field and is well-known for celebrating like Superman. But beyond his talent on the football field, Cam is a superhero in real life. He does a lot of charitable work through the Cam Newton Foundation. Ultimately, he doesn’t hesitate to give back to his community.

Whether or not you are a fan of Cam, the Carolina Panthers, or football itself, there is a lot that we can learn from Cam. By using these lessons in our own lives, we can be winners in all aspects of our lives.


Things We Can Learn From Cam Newton

There are so many lessons that we can learn from Cam. But to start, I want to talk about one of the most impressive things about Cam. That is his commitment to his craft.

When he was in high school, Cam knew that he wanted to continue pursuing football. He attracted a lot of attention due to his skills (including the number of touchdowns he had in one season). Cam ultimately attended Auburn University in Alabama, where won two national championships. After college, Cam was chosen by the Carolina Panthers to be their new quarterback. He has been with the team ever since.

This is a brief story of Cam’s football life to this point. While his career has taken some twists and turns, what has stayed constant is his determination to become the best football player he can be. Cam puts in a ton of time between games, whether that is working on plays with his teammates or watching film of his next opponent. Cam recognizes that success doesn’t come naturally. Instead, it requires a ton of hard work and focus on being the best quarterback that he can be.

We can follow Cam’s lead here. Whatever our dreams or goals are, we need to stay committed. We need to put in the time—especially when we don’t feel like it. Practicing and hard work are key ingredients  that can help us achieve our goals.

Another key attribute from Cam is that he bounces back from failure.


About four years ago, Cam and the Carolina Panthers had a sensational regular season. They won 15 games and lost only 1 game. They were the favorites to win the Super Bowl, which is the NFL championship. But even though they were expected to win, Cam and the Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos. Cam and his teammates were devastated. They had come so far and lost in the championship game. Nevertheless, they regrouped and came together to give it another shot next season.

Throughout our lives, we are going to experience failure. This is especially true if we have huge goals for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with big goals, but we have to understand that we will likely face some huge challenges or obstacles. Some of them will cause us to fail. Yet even if we fail, we have to stay strong and keep trying to achieve our goals. Better yet, we can learn from our failures and mistakes so that they don’t happen again. Like Cam, we shouldn’t let failure get the best of us. In fact, it can make us even stronger as we chase our goals.

Cam is also admirable because of his willingness to give back to the community. Cam started the Cam Newton Foundation to give money and resources to causes that matter to him. For example, every December, the Cam Newton Foundation loads up trucks and visits schools, hospitals, and homeless shelters near Charlotte, North Carolina (this is where the Panthers play). He and his team hand out gifts, food, and blankets to the needy. Along with this, Cam hosts events (like a celebrity kickball tournament) to raise money for the Charlotte children’s hospital.

Even though Cam is busy with his football career, he finds time to give back. We can do the same. Yes, we have homework and after-school activities, whether it is a sport or something else. Still, we can find the time to volunteer or give back to our local communities. Doing so can not only brighten a person’s day, but it can make us feel good too. What’s not to like?

Finally, one great thing about Cam is that he is happy and optimistic. By optimistic, we mean that he has a positive view of the future. Whenever you see Cam on the football field, you can see him smiling and having fun. This is especially so when he breaks out his classic Superman celebration. You can tell that Cam loves football so much and that he is optimistic about the future.

We should follow Cam’s lead here. Do your best to be positive and happy throughout your day. While we can’t be happy and positive all the time, trying to do so is a great thing. It can not only make us happier, but can make those around us happier too.


A Real-Life Superhero

Cam Newton is a real-life superhero—both on and off the football field. While we may not be in the NFL anytime soon, we can do our best to act like Cam. Whether that is being positive and optimistic or by bouncing back from failure, Cam sets a great example for all of us. Whether or not you are interested in football, I encourage you to study Cam and try to act like him.

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