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Learn ABC’s

Learn ABC’s Alphabet Recognition The first step in learning to “Read” is to read daily. Read everything, signs, posters, menu’s etc. The second step in learning to “Read” is to Recognize Lower Case and Upper Case Letters. Here are some Flash Cards to help you get started! Have Fun! Ms. Beth 🙂

Turkey Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

Turkey Alphabet Tracing Worksheet Learning the Alphabet is an important skill for children to acquire.  Equally important is the ability to recognize the 26 Letters of the Alphabet. Here is a great tracing activity that will enhance a child’s fine motor skills. Have Fun! Ms. Beth

Alphabet Tracing for Preschoolers

Learning the alphabet is an essential part of early learning about literacy…Distinguishing between letters and learning their names is not all there is to ‘learning the alphabet.’ Knowing how alphabet letters function in writing and knowing specific letter-sound associations are crucial. Learning to write the alphabet is one of the first stages of writing literacy. […]

Snowman Letter Matching Activity Worksheet

Snowman Alphabet Matching Worksheet Alphabetic Recognition Alphabetic recognition is sometimes called letter recognition or letter identification, but all three terms have the same meaning. They refer to the ability to visually recognize letters of the alphabet. This includes the ability to name each letter and match that letter name with its written form, both upper […]